In-class competition partnering with a real-world client


Create a motion graphics project
centered around kinetic typography that syncs to audio and lasts between 20-30 seconds.

Having just finished Mad Men,
I thought it might be nice to bring to life a scene from the show. After scouring through countless Don Draper monologues, I stumbled upon what was always one of my favorite scenes; Ken Cosgrove high on drugs ranting about clients while furiously tap dancing.


Create an animated poster
that reveals itself throughout the course of the video, utilizes at least 20 animated elements, and is at least 30 seconds long.

With an affinity for history and pop culture,
I decided I wanted to wrap up the past 40+ years into one 3x3x3 cube. 55 clips, countless hours, and headache or two, all gave rise to this final product.

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